Is it true that you were responsible for the concept of “Mines” and “Rolls” in SM and In The Groove?
Yes.  I had influence on these note types and communicated the idea to Chris Danford back in 2003.  These note types eventually became a pinnacle to the In The Groove series and later sparked interest in Konami for “Shock” arrows in Dance Dance Revolution X.
You can now also see the influence that “Roll” types have had on the step authoring community.
Another note type I was responsible for (hidden) is the concept of Lift arrows.
Do I expect credit for these ideas?  Not so much… But It is humbling for me knowing where they originated from and how much of an impact that they now play in the dance game community.

Hey. I am currently make a simfile pack called “Kyle Ward” and I wanted to know all of your aliases so that I can be thorough. Would you tell me all of your TAGS. That would be great. Your music is fantastic… this is coming from a musician himself. Keep it up, your brilliant.
I appreciate hearing comments like this. Thank you very much! You can locate a current list of aliases a maintain on this FAQ section and/or on the download portion of the site. Feel free to CONTACT MEwith more questions about this if needed.

Have you entered any StepMix entries for either contest? If so, then which songs?
I generally do not submit step files to the Stepmania Step mix series. However, I’m regularly contacted by people who wish to use my music for steps. I generally allow this and you will probably run into my tunes one way or another.

Did you ever think that the “simfiles” to stepmania are illegal because people now can just download the songs instead of buying it. How did people ever get to listen to ddr/itg on a computer if the original source is unknown (don’t know)?
I believe that digital distribution is very important to music/artists in general. Obviously, an artist does lose a sale with each “free mp3” that is passed around via networks. (I believe this is negative, but I also a postive because of the exposure for that artist) Hopefully, the people that like the music will find out about the artist and will hopefully “support” the artist in the future. I guess you probably wouldn’t see future music from the artist if they weren’t supported by listeners. Be sure to support the artist of the music you enjoy!

May I use any of your songs for the StepMix Contest?
I get this question daily! I’m happy to supply any of the music found on my site for your entries. I request that you contact me and talk to me personally about details of your project. In general, I usually allow the use of my music as long as: 1) author/artist credit is given, 2) a link to this site is made available in a readme text distributed with your file.

Dear God, what was going through your mind when you made your Destiny file!? Heightening the climax of an infinitely hard file, even though i AA’d it, Destiny GAMMA!? Explain! 😛
The official ITG single expert steps for “Destiny” were constructed by C. Foy. These steps are very well known for the immediate stamina rush at the beginning of the song. It’s a pretty solid 11 type chart that is not too overwhelming for players.

Hi, I really liked your song “Utopia”, which actually sounds like a theme song for one, and I was wondering if ever you need inspiration or whatnot, you could make the complete opposite of Utopia: Dystopia. I just think it would be cool to hear something like that; something completely opposite. Would it be possible?
Thank you for this suggestion! I’ve actually thought about doing some “opposites” to some of my current material. I started off on a similar concept back when Twilight made an appearance after Dawn. I will certainly consider your suggestion for the future. Thanks again!

Its almost 2 years since I’ve first tried ITG(2) and the community seems to die out and I think this is really sad. We dont even got a supernova machine in the country because those who are in charge of the machines we have think its to expensive, last I want to say that I think its sad that you are moving away from 4-panel games, even thought piu is fun also
I’m sorry to hear that your local 4 panel community seems to be dormant. Do not worry, this is usually just a phase that has changed over the past years. With ITG2’s R21 capability, the 4 panel design can benefit from several independent step authors. Hopefully this will increase the sense of community and continue to push people to new limits.
Additionally, I encourage you to also checkout 5 panel. It’s a nice change in format and can be quite challenging at times. It is my belief that the 5 panel design is the future. Maybe we’ll be adding more panels every few years? Who knows! 🙂

What do you think about Mungyodance?
I still (to this day) haven’t seen the mungydance SM series. it’s been a bit busy over here lately eh?

it seems as if the games you help make are all stepmania based. do you think something like “stepmania is the best thing ever” or is it coincidence
Many of the projects I do involve the Stepmania engine. Why is this? Because the SM engine is very accessible and easy to use for a developer.
Keep in mind that an engine is designed to bea pre-existing foundation for many projects. Somewhat related, the Quake3 engine is also a good example of an accessible 3D FPS engine.
I’ve also participated in other projects not related to “Stepmania” One example of this would be “MEGA Being” available from In addition, I’ve also helped supply addon packs/maps for Id’s “Doom” series, and Bungie’s “Marathon” series.
Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

Are Affinity and Onyx also aliases of yours? I’m guessing so, since I can’t find any information about them online, and the style of both is certainly very bemani-esq.
You can find more information about Affinity & Onyx at These artists have plans for new releases via the SCI Recordings label in 2008.

I was looking through the files for download, and I was just wondering why there isn’t any Coconut songs for download. I really like some of her music, so is there anywhere else I can download it?
Some of my music is only available via paid commercial releases. I’m not able to give everything away for free, sorry! 🙂

What is your email address?
My raw Email address has been removed from the site to prevent internet spam. Please use the “Contact” section of the site to contact me directly.

Are the songs you created for PIUPro/In The Groove available for download for StepMania? (steps, backgrounds, and all)
They aren’t posted directly by myself. You should have no problem locating some of the content from PIU Pro through step outlets like:, or many ISO torrent sites. Rips of the PIU Pro/ITG content are generally very easy to locate with a few searches from google. 🙂

How do you figure out BPM from scratch, without using any BPM finders?
I rely on DAW tools like “ACID” for music cutting and BPM locating. Because dance music is usually very dependent on “locked” BPM’s, the process isn’t too difficult to reverse engineer.

Is there a certain way to make a song incredibly addicting so it won’t get out of your head like all of your songs especially by (-: ?
There is no “perfect” formula for this. The trick is to make something “catchy” and addicting to the user (while not being too annoying). Most song writers spend their entire life trying to make a hit. If you succeed with the right formula; know that many people consider one hit a huge achievement!

How do you do background changes during a song like flashes and stuff
You can make BGA scripts by following this guide:

Do you actively play Stepmania?
No.  I believe that Stepmania was a “phase” for many people and will eventually become dormant.  OpenITG (which is of course related) seems to still be very popular and will continue to spike commuinity development for the ITG series.  This is Mainly because it involves playing custom songs on an R21 enabled ITG cabinet.
Unfortunately it seems that Stepmania’s development also begins to slow as we move further into the future.  Might it possibly phase itself out because of how Konami continues to control the DDR/ music game concept?   I believe that it is the player community and Konami that will someday be responsible for the fate of 4 panel dance games & simulation software.