How can I contact you on an instant messenger?
I use both skype and facebook.
Skype: kyle-ward

What turns you on?
You! (when you ask me questions like this)  🙂
Are you athletic?
I Swim (usually everyday) Racquetball, Tennis, Golf, Frisbee Golf (I\’m better at this kind) I also play dance simulation games (Dance Dance Revolution / Pump It Up / In The Groove ) which is considered an intense sport in some countries of the world!

How much do you weigh? How tall?
It changes daily! Usually somewhere between 190-200 lbs. I’m 6’5”
How much money do you make
Not a lot but enough!
Who are you?
My name is Kyle Ward and I currently live in Vancouver Washington; the good ol’rainy Pacific North Wet.I was originally born in Chico California and my family decided to move north every 8 years…who knows? I basically grew up in Medford Oregon.  I now live in the Portland/Vancouver metro area again!

What kind of socks do you find yourself wearing most often?
Socks that cover my feet… (is this a trick question?) 🙂
PS3 or Xbox36o? Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd? Precious Metals or Precious Gems?
Xbox360 (I use to think differently toward the PS3)… I’d strongly recommend adding the Nintendo Wii to your list too. That would be my first choice. 2>Pink Floyd all the way! 3>Obviously Precious Metals.
You post your AIM screenname on your website, which obviously means, you use aim. Do you find AIM to be a better messenger over say Yahoo/MSN/ICQ? Or do you find that more people in general use AIM? And why not use Trillian?
I actually started out using ICQ back in early days of my internet life. I grew quite fond of the”uhoh”sound.
Do you still work for Roxor?
No, I’m currently not employed by Roxor Games Inc. as of 5/21/2007
What do you think about nanlinr (artist on youtube) and other people who imitate your songs with real instruments? 🙂
I think it’s great that people are doing this for the youtube community. (I approve of course!) Youtube allows people to take incredible ideas and present them to an audience. This is what the internet is all about!
Alright, the most important one of them all! Which came first: the chicken, or the egg? *dramatic music*
Ohhh, that’s a good one. Honestly? I don’t know. I believe the egg might have existed in a different physical form before it was known as the”egg”.
I found your name and picture at Is this really you?
Probably! is my facebook site!
How come in Wikipedia it says that you go by the alias ZiGZaG? But it says you never listed it true?…. Is this true?
I’m not responsible for the articles found on wikipedia or other internet sources. (Generally, wikipedia policy is not to have affiliations with posted statements. I do not write or control any of this material.) With this is mind I’d encourage you to browse the FAQ section on this site further. I have already answered several questions similar to this.
So… what do you do when you’re not involved with music/games?
When I’m not working, I’m generally out enjoying life. This includes competitive lap swimming, 4 wheeling, traveling, various family activities and sleeping!
Is the guy”Kyle Ward”on FFR or”X SITE”really you? He certainly doesn’t seem like it because he was banned.
No. It’s often that I find people using my name and making posts expressing their point of views through my name. How nice of them! What can I say? It’s the internet… This type of thing is very common. Don’t believe everything you see folks. If you ever have doubts about identity; I suggest contacting the person and make the situation known to them. (Like you have done, thanks!)
I first heard of your music when I was playing Raganarok Online (odd, not), well they put your music (Oasis and Disconnected) in it. It was a private (as in not owned by the publisher) server though. Do you condone such behavior?
I’m contacted regularly about music use for situations like this. In return, I request posting/making known the website and artist info for each song used. Please feel free to contact me with special requests (like this) at anytime for further details/concerns.
Do you play other music games like Guitar Hero, beatmania, etc?
Not usually. I have played these games; but I wouldn’t say that I’m a music game addict. I generally play machine dance games for the physical and musical aspects.
C or C ?
Neither… I’d most certainly go with a K on this.
What is your favorite energy drink?
I would have to go with”Red Bull”or”Monster”. (I’m really not partial to any certain drink though) I do make it a point to avoid”Full Throttle”though…
What is the dance/music game setup at your home? what kind of dance pad do you have? any machines?
I do not own any consumer released dance products. (console versions etc.) This is because I don’t typically play dance games at home. (I enjoy going out to s local arcade while they are still around) However, there are a few arcade machines that currently live in my garage.
Have you ever heard anything so amazing that your jaw dropped?
I hear things all the time that like and I’m inspired by. (my reactions can differ; but it’s pretty funny to see them if you are around me) Suddenly my attention shifts away from whatever I’m doing and I”zone”in. The reaction is almost immediate. Am I strange? Maybe, but I pay attention to something in VERY HIGH detail if it peaks my interest.
What religion/faith are you (if any)?
That’s a good question. I initially attended church regularly as a kid growing up at home. My family frequented a”episcopalian church”in California. Now, in my later years, I would say that I don’t practice faith or religion regularly. (I’m very interested in Buddhism faith actually) Does this mean I’m anti religious? No, not at all! I don’t judge people by their beliefs or personal interests.
Does anyone call you”Kaw”in real life? Does it annoy you? If it came down to it, would you prefer being called”Smiley”or”Inspector K”?
I’ve had a lot of nicknames over the years. The most common nickname I go by is”KeeL”. I was named this by a group of friends long ago. I’m typically never annoyed at people who call by a nickname/artist title. I give you permission to call me whatever you like. Hopefully this question won’t lead to an abuse of negative names! (laughs)
What does the”A”in Kaw stands for?
My middle initial. (Andrew)
Do you <3 Jesus?
On a unrelated note, did you know that”Jesus loves me”played backwards sounds like”I smell sausage”? Pretty cool indeed! (Don’t even begin to ask me why I know that…
After all of this stuff with Konami acquiring ITG and such, do you still Play DDR? Do you play ITG games that are already out? Do you still Develop song and steps and play them on Stepmania or ITG PC? in other words, as far a dancing games go, what do you play?
I’ve actually never played dancing games at home. This includes home console and pc ports.
The true reason I enjoy”Dance Machines”is the social aspect & physical aspect of the game. To me, it’s fun going out to a place and meeting new people and/or being involved in the”culture”.
As of recently I’ve been playing less and less; but I still enjoy the many memories. Generally, I try to play all the games that I can. (many people assume I’m always biased towards ITG, but that’s most certainly NOT the case) Usually, I play at locations that I have close access too. However, I don’t travel far and wide (like I once did) to play.
What’s on your list today? Maybe you’ll find it at Fred Meyer… lol 🙂
Yeah know… that stores’jingle/slogan has always bugged me for some reason. None the less, thank you for reminding me of it here
What’s on your playlist at the moment?
(in December 2006) I’ve been listening to some Orbital, Enigma, Fantasy Project, Gunther, ATC, and Sash! (Yes, strictly Electronic music) I’ve also been enjoying some random soundtracks from various movies.
Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3?
I think I have to go with the Wii because of it’s good value & innovation. The Xbox 360 is a good 2nd choice!
Did you get your”Keel”nickname from the”keel”character from quake3?
I actually got this nickname from friends that enjoyed calling me”keel”versus “kyle.” I was OK with the name and later decided to use it as a nickname. I’ve also been using this name before Quake3 came out for release. At the time, I was a very involved player in the quakeworld series so I wonder if I had anything to do with the naming of this character. Obviously, I’ll never know, but it is a rather interesting coincidence that occurred!
Conservative, Liberal, or neither?
Interesting question… I would say that I was more conservative in the past and that lead me to be more liberal recently. That might suggest that I’m now either or neither? hmm?!
What do you think when you saw the norvegian prices? (on your visit to norway) :p
Oslo is the most expensive city in the world. I had just learned that a week before my trip to Europe! 🙂
Whats your favorite TV show?
Of all time? Wow, that’s difficult… I’m a huge fan of the Stargate SG-1 series. I own every single episode from every single season available!
Do you use your PIU machine much?
I do own a Pump It Up Machine! Are you spying on me?! (laughs) I play it often and I really enjoy the gameplay and it’s difference from the standard 4 panel layout. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the”Machine Dance”genre, and I feel Andamiro’s 5 panel design has realistic and challenging movements. I would say I play it 3-4 times a week. Also, An ITG machine has also made a few appearances here fyi!
What’s your fast food of choice?
Man… That’s a tough call. I don’t typically eat fast food. I prefer local places with different kinds of food. I do love starbucks though!
Have you been hired to Konami with its acquiring of ITG?
No, I’m still working away on other projects though! Stay tuned for future announcements. I’ll definitely be sure to post any announcements here.
pwns, is it pronounced powns or owns?
It’s PWN! This site may help you understand why and give you further depth on the subject. (
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A lot…
What is your favorite non-rhythm and non-RoXoR vidoegame and why?
I would say I’m still attached to NES games like”Marble Madness”and classic Mario brothers. There are so many great games for this system that don’t rely on the latest and greatest technology. I will also always appreciate a game from Ambrosia Software known as”Avara”. This game had great mechanics and never got old through it’s multiplayer potential. It’s a fine example of building a community through a game. Sadly, it seems to be dormant lately. The best multiplayer experience of all? I would probably cast my vote towards Quake3 Arena by id Software. No other First Person shooter has felt more complete and action packed in a typical multiplayer game play setting.
Okay serious question here, Ninjas or Pirates?
Is that a Xuxa wallpaper I see? Do you typically use ITG images as your desktop wallpaper?
Typically I use default images or some random 3d image made by friends of mine. I do this because: I like to support my friends visual art, My mind is actually concentrating on more pressing issues besides a wallpaper! 🙂 Either way, I try to mix it up and change it daily.
Just wondering, do you like anime, and if so, what series do you enjoy the most?
Believe it or not, I don’t typically watch or follow a lot of anime. I obviously still appreciate the art and the hardwork that it takes to create it. I’ll typically watch anime with friends, but I don’t follow it as closely as many typically do. Some of my friends are very fond of the”ninja scroll”series. I’ve also managed to encounter the Naruto series!
What is your real name?
Kyle Andrew Ward
iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, or something else?
I’m a big fan of Winamp. I’ve supported it since it came out day one… I even used the”Macamp”clone when that came out for the MacOS9 long ago. Lately, I’ve had”Itunes”installed; but I rarely use it to actually play music.
If you could have any one thing at the time of answering this question, what would it be?
I feature that auto answers questions, based on my current thoughts! 🙂
PS2, XBOX, GameCube, SNES, or the Commodore 64?
I would normally choose NES, because I’m old school like that. Given those options, I’d probably go with a PS2.
Are you committed to providing me superior service? Do you know that my insurance dollars can be spent in many ways? Do you want me to EARN my business by regularly reviewing my coverage, and helping me receive the best value for my insurance dollar? 😉
Oh *snap*, yes indeedy. I’m the Host with the Most! (who cares about 😉
What race are you?
Human! 😉  (Caucasian)
Cats or dogs? …Mario or Sonic? :]
Dogs! … Mario! However, that doesn’t mean sonic isn’t cool though. Also, cats like “mr. bigglesworth” kick ass.
Who is Ed Sterling, and where did he go?
Now that is a rather interesting question isn’t it?  He’s around here somewhere! 🙂
Are there any languages, aside from English, that you can speak fluently, or that you have down at least partially? Are there any languages you want to learn at some point in your life? (No, 1337 doesn’t count.)
I pick up a few language here and there. I would say my Spanish understanding is best. I’m also currently in the process of learning French & German at my usual slow pace!
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or the dreaded DOS?
Windows XP (SP2) was probably the best Microsoft OS to ever be release. It had all the nice features of Windows2000, without the problems and extra hurdles that most Windows are known for. I also feel Mac OS 9.2 was a VERY solid OS for the mac platform. It’s a shame that OS X(whatever) is required now.
Update:  I also approve of both Win7 and Mac Os Snow Leopard.
Do you believe in ghosts?
I believe that a negative form of energy could exist. In general, I’ve always be fascinated by paranormal studies. I do believe something is out there, but I don’t know what it could be. Is it ghosts or orbs… Something must exist after death. I guess we all get to figure it out eventually!
Ketchup or Mustard ?
What is your opinion of Canada? Where is your favorite location in Canada? What is your favorite thing about Canada? Will you be able to answer this question without using any corny Canada jokes?
“_mcePaste”>Eh?! I don’t know, I really like Vancouver because it’s where I would see myself living if I didn’t live in the US. Vancouver is a very media oriented city and I’m VERY down with that. I’m also a fan of the Alberta area!
What video/computer games do you play in your spare time? Do you limit yourself to ITG, or do you go uber-g33k and play WoW, or do you fall somewhere in between?
FPS (First Person Shooters) have always been a favorite of mine. I started playing these long ago during LAN parties and other Gaming conventions. I was always played Quake3, Unreal Tournament (original) because of the killer strategies involved. I also enjoyed a classic ambrosia game called”Avara”. (I love playing mind games with other people) hehehe Today, most FPS games do not feel like they use to. I don’t really keep up on it, or play as much. This is mainly because my work schedule and personal life keeps me very busy!
What is a problem specific to your job?
The easiest answer to this would be”uncertainty”. When you work the life of a”freelancer”, you never know what your next job is going to be. You must build relationships and develop good networking skills.
You go on from month to month not necessarily knowing what your next job will be; or even knowing if you’ll be able to make enough income for that month.
When you work in the media industry, you must be very good and very responsive to people. The industry is small enough that you will gain a very fast reputation. If you burn your bridges once, you might never be going back again. You also may encounter that bridge in the future again regardless.
Always work hard and be honest with people, it will make a difference later!
What do you do exactly in your job?
Currently, I have many”day”jobs that require me to wear different hats. I work hard maintaining content (step’s, songlist, media and gameplay) for the”In The Groove”series dance games for Roxor Games. (This alone can keep me extremely busy at all hours of the day)
On my off-time (when I have any) I’m working at building musical contacts. I compose music daily and look for resources that could benefit from my compositions.
I still also maintain my contacts in the video industry as well….(that’s my schooling and main background actually) These jobs can involve any current active TV productions in the Seattle/Portland area. I do constantly get calls and unfortunately must refuse them do to my current work load sometimes.
What’s your favorite Final Fantasy game?
Believe it or not, I actually don’t own single Final Fantasy game. I typically don’t play RPG’s either!
What is your favorite color?
Blue or Purple.
Why isn’t your favorite color red?
Because I like blue & purple…
If you could only pick one to put on bread/toast; Peanut butter or Jelly?
Peanut Butter! If I don’t have any bread can I have extra PEANUT BUTTER??!!
Why do you post your AIM screename on a public website?
Because I don’t mind people contacting me. If I’m online and not busy, I’m more then willing to chat and visit with you.
Boxers or Briefs?
Both! (not at the same time though) I’m typically more of a boxers person because of the cool designs and spaciousness… 🙂
Do you uhhh… Yahoo?
no, I google.  Google is taking over. Be afraid, VERY afraid.
Do you ever sleep? What is your sleep schedule?
Yes i do sleep sometimes. I generally work very late because it’s nice to not be interrupted while I’m in a chain of thought.
I can literally work on something for 5 minutes, 2 hours, or even 3 days straight. I hold very high standards for my work and I’m a huge perfectionist. My regular sleep hours are usually 1am to 9am.
What type of cellphone do you use/have?
Samsung Galaxy  (a bunch)
What is your favorite type of ice cream?
Cookies N’Cream or Strawberry.
What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Combinations or Supreme
What is your favorite food?
Any kind of Meat!
Mac or PC?
Doesn’t matter to me. I have multiple Macs and multiple PC’s that I use everyday.
Do you like popcorn?
Yes. Mostly just Kettle corn though!
What are your pet peeves?
*) When you walk down the street and you run into someone. They try to go left…then right….then left again to strafe around you: but you mirror them EXACTLY! Sometimes it’s like time slows down and this process goes on for far too long.
ARGH!! It’s annoying damnit, keep right! (Don’t get me started on people who don’t know how to yield when driving either)
*) People who constantly call me and/or won’t leave me alone.
*) People who are very pushy or have no regard for my personal feelings.”LISTEN TO THIS SONG NOW! HERE IS THE URL! GO THERE NOW! OH, LET ME SEND IT TO YOU RIGHT NOW!, TEACH ME THIS….LOOK WHAT I CAN DO?! (music send starts)”
*)  I’m usually very nice and respectful to people; but situations like these get on my nerves.
Are you by random chance a Kaw Indian?
No, but this does have a connection with the name I associate my general productions with. (very nice work noticing this)
Do you have perfect pitch?
I am able to pick tones & notes out of any melody and re-create that by ear. (That’s actually my background from learning Piano at Age 5) However, my pitch detection isn’t 100% “realtime perfect” and I sometimes do make mistakes.
If you had to have a dedication page who would be on it?
I don’t know…that’s a very tough question for me actually. I would most certainly put a list of people who have inspired me throughout my life. Definitely my parents & friends who supported me through each song & CD release.
As for as musicians?  (THIS LIST WOULD GO ON AND ON AND ON…I’m already out of breath!)
There are a lot of music groups out there; but most of these are just groups for images. The person who inspires me is the producers and songwriters that had that initial song vision and made it come true.
Do you have girls hitting on you all the time? do you actually like any of them, more than a friend, a possible interest? do you think you you’ll fall in love, with a human?
Interesting question…I guess it’s possible that I’ll settle down one day. Currently, my work schedule creates havoc with any personal life. I suspect that one day I’ll be able to not”live”my work so much. 🙂
Can you drive stick?
Yes! I had plenty of practice while I was growing up. I had the pleasure of driving a huge tank; known as an 1989 F150 Ford Lariat. This is why I now drive an automatic explorer! (laughs)
What kind of life partner are you interested in?
My current work/life schedule remains active. Due to this, I’m still very much single at the moment.
Who is my perfect significant other? I would say that personality and emotions are important traits. Maybe someone who has similar interests? As you can tell, I’m not too sure…. I guess that it still remains a mystery!
One day I won’t be single, I swear! 🙂
If there is anyone, who inspired you to start composing your pieces?
I do list some “potential” influences on the site. Is there a particular one person? I don’t think so… I generally can get inspired by anything and It becomes a rush to create it ASAP. I credit life as my inspiration for most of my work(s).
Okay, So say you’re stranded on a desert island. (desert meaning arid) would you eat your foot to survive?
Yes, As an absolute last resort I would eat my foot to survive.
Who would win in a fight, Bill Cosby, or Roseanne?
I’d have to go with Roseanne on this. She’s got age, anger, and experience on her side to help boost the potential. Cosby has…. JELLO
What’s your favorite swimming stroke?
I’d have to go with the backstroke. (I’m most comfortable with this and it seems like I can go forever!) My usual routine involves all strokes, excluding the butterfly. I work at improving speed & form daily! 🙂
I know you say you’re busy a lot but, what exactly are you busy doing? (projects etc.)
It depends on the day really. Here is a list of my frequent tasks:
1 ) Composing music for commercial use and/or album use.
2 ) Small contracting jobs
3 ) Arranging future music opportunities.
4 ) Browsing (not posting) web forums that are game specific (answering questions and/or keeping up on the latest community comments)
5 ) Checking bugs and/or future potential benefits to the current”final”software.
Playing  and maintaining player interests. (keeping up with game standards)
Yard work
Physical Activity outside of work.
Exploring a “potential” personal life somewhere out there!
Do you like potatoes? D= How do you like your potatoes? Do you like bananas?
I do have an Irish background! Sadly, potatoes aren’t really my thing… I joke with my family by saying “Potatoes are the devil!”(hehe) Thankfully, I’m a huge fan of bananas. One can never have too many bananas!
Your Site banner says that your a”game developer”, what games have you create or are working on? or was part of your RoXoR days?
My roll is producer and to create “media” for any potential game development projects. Aside from dance machines, I participate in development of many “indie” type projects.
Where else has my music been used? One example is”Mega Bringo”produced by Mash Productions.
Still curious? Check out:
Bottom line:  I offer myself to many types of media projects.
Do you shop at Hot Topic? I could swear you were wearing Tripp style pants in one picture…
Indeed! Due to popular fashion demands of the 2000’s, I’m forced to upgrade my attire regularly! Hot Topic is a store I shop at for new trends, and bodacious looks.
You aren’t cool, unless you flash the 5 pound pants of chainy goodness! 🙂
Have you ever been asked if you’re for some reason affinity or Onyx? Or am i the first one? i just seem to suspicious about how all these guys conveniently live nearby you, or so you say… >_> oh, and do you still own something like an ITG Dedi, or do you even still play 4 Panel dancing games?
You aren’t the only person that feels this way! I believe most of the ITG community is on your side. 🙂
Luckily, (as of 11-24-07) I will help take part in the release of future music from these artists, via SCI recordings.
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?
Chrome all the way baby!
Hey K! I’m a big fan and I was wondering if there would be any concerns of remixing (or me playing synth/piano lines for my own take) of a song… To name a few: Dawn, Anubis, RobotiX, Oasis, summer, infection, and more. I have you on my top friends on myspace. (Trevor Collins) Please give me a reply. d[-_-]b
Hey Trevor!
I generally allow remixes and use of my music as long as it’s not being released in a commercial project. Please provide proper credit and links to my website upon the release of your remixes. Be sure to also keep me updated and let me know when you post it for people to enjoy!
Wii friend code?
I currently do not own a Nintendo Wii. Sorry! 🙁
What’s your life story?
It’s one of those big thick black books that you might find on the libraries back shelf… Some of the pages might have been ripped out and rearranged, but you should still get the basic idea! 🙂
Do you play Technomotion? If so, what mode do you play most, 5 panel, 4 panel, or 8 panel?
You know, that’s a very interesting question. I mostly find myself enjoying the 5 panel mode on TechnoMotion. Why? Production of the step authoring only occurred with this mode! All other modes are software generated from the 5 panel steps!
Another interesting fact that you might like to know…
At the time of production, TechnoMotion had to rely on rendering 2 panel hits (jumps) as offset 64th notes. The TM engine was unable to draw more then single notes at one time!
are you going to the”play a videogame symphony”concert in seattle?
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this incredible performance due to my schedule. I’d highly suggest that everyone check it out if you are local to the show. This should be a killer event for all video game heads! 🙂 I’m more shocked that you learned about it remotely and asked here!
(This event happens in Seattle Jan 24 & Jan 26)
Strawberries or blueberries? =)
OK, this has got to be one of the MOST difficult questions here. I do consider myself a”berry nut”. I typically will choose a berry blend of ANYTHING if it’s offered. (razzle dazzle) If I had to choose just one…. (argh) it’d most likely be a strawberry.
What happened to Roxor Games Inc. ever since their/your greatest creation ever (In The Groove) was”taken”from them/you? Do they still create games, decide to make some business deal with Konami, or just disbanded on account of the lose of their masterpiece?
Roxor Games still exists and is currently developing other games. After the agreement with Konami, they’ve continued their focus away from dancing games.
 I contract for many companies that need production skills that I offer. I’m currently involved in the startup of SCI Recordings Record label ( and I continue to help contract through Andamiro for development of Pump It Up.
Do you play GO(Weiqi)??????
No, I’ve never tried a game of Weigi. I hope to one day in the future! 🙂
Where were you during 9/11
Very interesting question indeed… During the morning of 9/11 I was sleeping late from a party the previous night. When I woke up the next morning there was complete shock! I remained”connected”to all media sources for the entire day. Was this really happening?!
I remember doing everything I could to relay the most up to date information over a a local streaming shoutcast station.
I think everyone can agree that this was a very dark day for the entire world. Innocent people should never be put to an early death. Let us all hope that nothing like this will ever happen again to any part of the world.
What happened to Banzai – Enigma and any other tracks you used to have on the preview jukebox on your site that are no longer there? Also, could you upload”Goin Home – DiVine Mix”? I think you used to have that song available for download on your site a couple years back and I haven’t heard it in a while. thanks!
Most of my”concept”demos have been pulled from my old jukebox when the SCI commercial player popped up on my site. Never fear, Enigma will make an appearance on my next solo album when it is released. I keep getting closer and closer to completion everyday, I SWEAR! (6-21-2008) Based on my”never ending workload”, the date of completion is very hard to predict! Sorry for this…
“_mcePaste”>”Goin Home – DiVine Mix”was very old… (wow, nice memory) I will have to dig through my file’s to recover it… Do know that the chances of this happening soon are not very likely (June 2008) …but I will make an attempt!
Is it true that your very tall? If so, how tall(measurements)?
I’m 6 foot 5 inches. I guess this is considered tall? 🙂
Do you have an ITG machine at your house…if so, how much did it cost (if anything), do you have all of your songs on it customized by you/Foy/fans, and do you like Mungyodance?
Yes I do – It has been customized.  Sadly, I’ve never actually seen Mungyodance to make a comment about it. Sorry!
MacDonald’s, Burger king, or Wendys?
Right-handed or Left-handed?
I do most things Left handed! I typically play some sports right-handed and switch off whenever needed… I guess I’m ambidextrous sometime? hmmm yeah, let’s go with that! 🙂
Whats the most you have won playing the Washington Lottery?
$2.00… Someone bought me a free Lotto ticket once!
What do you think about new DRM technologies?
>I’m not a fan of extra technologies that typically make it harder for legitimate users to enjoy the product they purchased. DRM is typically known to fail and makes life a living HELL for consumers who actually bought music to support their favorite artist. SAY NO to DRM!
Have you had or do you have a NES? If you had, what games on it? 
I do own a NES system that I still play sometimes! Off the top of my head:
Marble Madness
Mario Bros. (the super oldschool one)
Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 & 3
Kirby’s Adventure
Solomon’s Key
Track & Field
Rad Racer
(and many more I can’t remember or don’t play often)
In what tv show is there a kid that says”look what i can do”and jumps…
That would be “MadTV” Excellent show I might add!
If Avara Redux is finished. How much would you play it?
Absolutely! I hope to see something in the near future.