music production

OK, so what musical aliases do you typically go by?
My KaW label has 6 known aliases. They are:
KaW (Trance/Dance – Sorrow/minor/melodic/moody – BPM typically 130-155)
Smiley (Happy Hardcore – Happy/Uplifting – BPM typically 150-180
Inspector K (Aggressive Techno, Drum & Bass – Angry/Upset/mean/ruthless BPM typically 155-210
Banzai (Tribal House/Ethnic/Melodic – Mysterious, Ancient – BPM typically 100-130
Kbit (Techno/Rave) – Lofi/chiptune, acid BPM not defined
Symphonious (Orchestral/Symphony/Choral) – Classical with new age twist. BPM not defined

What’s with all the alias names? Why do you do that? Is there actually a purpose or are you just doing it to confuse people?
I have always used aliases with my music. (even when I first began composing when I was a small kid) Basically, I use alias names to identify a sound/style. I consider it “branding a project.” The main purpose for me to alias something is for the listener/viewer.
If song A/Song B have a similar: Sound, Tempo, Style; I’ll typically use a common alias so that people can follow the work without as much of a headache. (like the ones I have contantly!) This process makes it easier for people to identify a style/sounds that they like. (that’s really what art/music is about anyway) So, the aliases help people follow something they like rather then something I think they like.
It’s for the listeners, not me.

Why do you make music?
Why do painters paint? I enjoy having a vision/sound in my head and then recreating it for others.
There are times that I’m not able to sleep and times that I’ll actually become upset because of my thoughts. Most of the time this is regardless of it being a good thought or bad.

How long does it take you to do a song?
It can take minutes or months, but it typically just takes a few hours.

Any news on the next album? Will there be as long a gap between UC and the next one as there was with Synthsations? I know you don’t work to deadlines, and that’s fine, but i’m getting really anxious over here ;). But hey, take your time man, it’s totally worth it. Good luck!
My schedule has been rather busy and unpredictable in the 2007 season. I hope to recapture my time and dedicate it to music and performing. I hope to release a new album(s) by late summer 2007.

Where did the 2 min version of Fantasia come from?
Fantasia has had a few white label pre-releases. While it hasn’t been officially released yet, you are able to find it on a few sites from users. Will there be an official release? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! (6-11-07)

Whats the name of the person who do the lyrics for “I need to fly” ?
Kristy is a friend (of a friend) that I encountered in Seattle WA long ago. (2001) She had a passion for singing and the song “I Need to Fly” was a vocal experiment for her use. I’m very sure that one day, we’ll cross paths again.

How can I get a dedicated CD from you? 😀
Please contact me for personal arrangements. I’m always happy to do what I can for people if possible.

Have you ever considered making CD’s separate to each alias? I’d definitely buy an Inspector K, and KaW, and Banzai, a :), and a Kbit. Definitely Symphonious and Oscillator X assuming you make enough songs. But why wouldn’t you just combine them all and make a CD with songs from each? Jeez kyle, why separate them?
I have considered doing this in the future. Maybe DJ mixes that easily allow for play in clubs. Why hasn’t this happened yet? Mainly because of my recent activities and involvements in recent projects.

I’m a huge fan of your Inspector K music (Tension is probably one of my top 5 songs ever) so let’s say I want to make a shirt or a mouspad, or a sticker, or something, featuring the logo or something having to with Inspector K (or any of the aliases for that matter) legal problems with doing this?
I have no problem with this. You are safe to make your own SWAG that represents my music. After you’ve made your design, be sure to send it to me too. (I’d like to wear it/see it!) Maybe other fans will also benefit from this. If you have further questions about this; please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hey Kyle, who is Affinity, and Where can I get more of his/her/their music?
(5-7-2007) Currently, Affinity music is not available for purchase. This may change in the immediate future.

Will some of your music be featured in other Roxor produced games?
I offer my music and composing services to several commercial projects daily. Don’t be surprised hear a familiar tune someday!

What headphones do you use for monitoring? what do you use for hi-fi?
I have several types of headphones. (I generally don’t use one for the duration of audio tests) This is so I can compare how it sounds on different sources. I frequently use: Sony Studio Monitors MDR-7506 (natural sound), and Koss TD-80’s (mid range common) Generally, I also don’t recommend the use of headphones for mixing/mastering songs. The sound perspective tends to be unrealistic.

Is it true that you named the “Xuxa” song “Xuxa” after a rubber duck you acquired when you were a wee-robot? If not, what was the whole story behind it?
This is a true story. The name originated from a rubber ducky.

Do you have any sheet music for the piano for your songs, like utopia? f you do could you make a download section?
I currently do not offer sheet music formats of my music. This is simply because my composition style does not rely on exact notation. (I could investigate this for the future, but it hasn’t been a huge demand currently) Naturally, it’s pretty simple to make sheet music. The biggest factor just involves everyones favorite aspect, “TIME”. Luckily, you should be able to find people in the community that have time to transcribe songs into sheet music. (this is very common) Hope that helps!

Any release date for a new album yet?
Naturally, I’m working hard to make this date closer and closer every day. )My busy work schedule hasn’t been compatible with this formula unfortunately) However; I will be sure to make announcements about the album release on the site as soon as it happens! (3/20/07)

A friend of mine said she had a long version of utopia, does this version exist?
An extended version of Utopia does exist. I typically play this at live shows.

Have you ever considered trying to make a Gabber song? I’m curious to see what you can come up with!
Yes! I’ve experimented with this genre before and I will certainly porting over my “influence” soon enough! Beware! [insert evil Dr. Claw like laugh]

What does your name KaW stand for?
KaW = my initials (Kyle A. Ward) I have used this artist title in the past for my general electronica music. However, this name also stands for Soul in Egyptian. (it is spelled differently) Interestingly enough, it also is related to moods and Indian history. I felt that this name was perfect because of these connections.

Can you add more sample like clockwork genesis? I really would like to remake it. PLEEEEAAASS?!
I have plans to add more sample packs in the future. I apologize that my schedule has been very busy at the moment. (3-06-07) Be sure to have a lookout for more of this in the future!

Why does the song July own so much?? And how come Summer Speedy Mix isn’t in your music folders on this site??
July has the power to turn a bad day into a good day. It’s one of the tunes that can leave a smile on your face in a good way. Thank you for nice comment about that! Summer (speedy) was an exclusive mix of the song for the ITG series. (one reason why it isn’t a typical song available for download here) I wouldn’t be surprised if this mix pops up on a future album or game title. I may also work it into the downloads eventually. Keep on the look out!

Are you going to ever re-release CaddyWhompus again? That would be sweet.
I have plans to revisit some of the older material and release it in a “new” form. I will be sure to make any announcements about that here.

Hi Kyle, I heard the song July -Euromix- By JS14. I like the song and was wondering if you had a copy of it that you could put for download or maybe a link to got the song.
I will be sure to put up a download link to this song in the future. Don’t be surprised if you find it on a later album! It’s on my growing list of things to do…

After you got Caddywhompus out, what inspired the different aliases/styles? I noticed that KeeL doesn’t “fit in” with all the other styles you have nowadays
In general, music under the “KeeL” project was my chance to dabble and explore possibilities with music. Later on, I decided to ramp up production and restart on a different foot. As the times change, so does the sound? That’s the best analogy that I can think of for the situation.

Why didn’t you put july on one of your albums? was this made specially for ITG and why didn’t you put the 3 min version of take me back on it?
These are great questions. July was originally designed specifically for ITG. It never had a formal release like several of the other tunes. (This is also the case with Zodiac) Longer versions do exist, but have no been released currently. (2-05-07) Take Me Back was originally an ‘experiment’ that later became available via release. It was originally added to the Synthsations album as a bonus. I would say that today this song has matured since the past release. (I typically play it live for audiences)

Whatever happened with your “Symphonious” alias? I haven’t heard anything new about him in awhile. I really liked the song Tell and was wondering if you were going to make more songs under that alias.
There are plans for more “works” by this alias eventually. Time has been critical lately and I have not had proper ability to dedicate towards this. You might see a similar style emerge in the future. New project name? From Symphonious? We’ll have to wait and see!

Are the songs in your download section full versions or just samples
I mixture of both. Full songs/samples/previews/videos; the works! As time rolls on I will be sure to change up the downloads and add/delete some. Sometimes I will at the downloads directory and become surprised myself! (laughs)

When making music, do you prefer computer based production, or hardware based production. If both, which do you tend to lean towards more often?
I tend to prefer hardware. Why? Because computers can create a lot of complications and extra steps in the musical process. One obvious problem is the abundance of samples/sources you can access. (As great as that sounds, it’s actually taxing on the creative process) Instead of making a melody, or actually creating music; you are spending hours locating “the right” sound. I prefer hardware because I get away from this mindset and create music faster without extra complications.

What are the lyrics for Take Me Back?
I’ve posted the lyrics in the download section of the site.

I was watching that video of the Oslo concert, and i was wondering if you’re gonna have a live album, or put the live tracks for some songs like Utopia and Liquid Moon in a new album. Would you?
Funny that you mention this. I do have plans to release some recordings from live events in the future. I’ll be sure to announce details about that on the site as soon as it happens.

Do you have a myspace we can add for your music?
Luckily, I have a very nice fan (thank you Casey!) that maintains my presence on Myspace for me. You can find my music available at My personal Myspace site is available at

Is Kbit essentially going to be a remix alias? Frozen Fire is obvious, and that part from Legacy->Robotix could be one hint too
That’s an interesting observation! Kbit has some other songs available that I have not published at this time. I certainly don’t restrict the Kbit style to remixing; but, that seems to be what is known the most at this time.

So uh… got any plans of preforming in Texas anytime soon? 😉
I currently do not have plans to do any performances in Texas. (1/09/07) I usually plan/perform at venues based on invites and interest from that location. If you know of event that you’d like me perform at; contact the event coordinator, and have them contact me for booking!

The Songs ‘Robotix’ and ‘Legacy’ both feature the same line towards the middle, where the drums die out and the synths go all lo-fi. What was your thinking behind putting this in the two songs, both of which are very different from each other otherwise?
I felt that this lofi synthline complimented Robotix. Originally, a 303 tweak session was planned for this section of the song. After hearing/remembering the section from Legacy, I decided resurrect that instead. It’s one of those examples where you plan for something different and end up with something completely different. Sometimes, last minute decisions are responsible for what makes a song special!

After just listening to Duality, I was really impressed by the smooth transitions between styles! I was just wondering if Duality is actually something that was created by you, and if so, do you have plans to release another song that switches between your styles of music, but perhaps in a different combination (i.e. KaW to Banzai to Oscillator X)?
Duality was fun experiment that I created long ago. This song was created to compare and contrast the different styles that I had done in the past. At this time (1/09/07) I don’t have plans to make another VS song with the styles. Maybe another will be done eventually? Glad you liked it!

I love your song Fantasia in the jukebox, when will the full version be released?
Thank you for these wonderful comments. It’s been great hearing from people from all over the world. I’m honored to have such great people listening to my tunes and giving me feedback.
Fantasia will be one of the smiley releases available on the next album. Please be sure to check back for updates about the new album. Thanks again! (Hope everything is going well for you in Norway)

Are Oasis and Tribal Style (possibly Esperanza as well) too “dancy” for the Banzai alias, and were they originally ideas for Banzai? They all seem ethnic-sounding. Maybe you could make a remix for these songs under Banzai…
Very good ear! I consider these songs part of the “KaW” legacy because of the BPM that they clocked in at originally. In the future, I have plans to eventually retire the “KaW” alias and continue focusing on the others more. (Not to say that there maybe wouldn’t be a new “genre project name” to fill in. I’ve been fairly excited about the music projects lately and there is more to come in the future. Remixing is a very interesting idea… I have actually done some interesting things already (mostly while performing live); but, there is always room for more. Additionally, I usually prefer to compose new material then remix old. Anything is possible though!

When will you release a new cd? I can’t wait to hear full version of Ra, Fantasia, Virtual emotion and many more. Keep on groove’n
Obviously it’s hard to tell at this point. (I’ve been heavily involved in other aspects of work -jan 2007) I predict that the new album will be ‘seriously’ be available within a few months into the 2007 year. Stay tuned!

Do you plan on putting a sample/preview from each of the tracks from your new album on your jukebox? (in addition to Fantasia, Enigma, etc.)
It is my hope to do that and additionally offer some free songs for people to enjoy. (jan 2007) The days of the new album are coming closer! There light is near the tunnel. (laugh)

Do you use Fruityloops or Reason to make your music?
No. However, I have used both of these software titles in the past. They have been put back in boxes and will someday be ressurected if they are needed in future productions. I no longer have use for them or have them running in my studio.

When did you start using each of your aliases?
I started giving project names an alias back in 2000. The original idea behind this was to give the music “styles” an icon/name for people to follow. This makes it easier for people to follow that particular style that they like.

Have you ever thought about doing remixes or extensions to some songs for a future album such as Zodiac, Necropolis, Utopia, or July? Please have some more Symphonius and Kbit too!
Some of these songs that you mentioned have “longer” or original versions that have already been written. They may surface on new albums in the future. Who knows? However, at this point, they are available as singles. (some downloadable for free)

How come Clockwork Genesis is credited entirely under your Inspector K alias when it seems that there is a lot of Smiley-type influence on the song?
One of the biggest traits in an Inspector K song is agressiveness. I felt that this song was very strong with this attribute. (it even turned out different from my original vision) This is why it holds true to the Inspector K mentality.

In estimation, how often do you hold concerts?
I try to perform bi-monthly (2 months intervals). I usually get contacted or invited to play at certain events, so this works out nicely. My time has been rather limited lately, so it’s hard to do as much performing as I’d like. Hopefully this will imrove in the future months!

Did you and John Mendenhall both create the rythem for the Oscillator X song DJ Superstar or did you create the beat and have John sing it? Same question for the song Dance All Night and The Neon Underground.
We “co-produce” all of the Oscillator X material. Together, we dream up the sounds and make them into a final mixed song. John typically focuses on the words/vocals, and I typically focus on the synth/engineering. We have plans to expand the Oscillator X label in the future.

Have you ever heard of or used Jeskola Buzz? If so, what did (or do) you think? (It’s available at
Buzz machines are a huge in modular software plugins. This format is rather new and has offered great results for musicians so far. I believe that this format is even natively supported with Fruityloops now. Check this out, “The program has created a large community of musicians, and hundreds of machines made by several plugin developers. Some of these developers have gone on to create DirectX and VST plugins. Other developers, that have released commercial DirectX and VST plugins, have released Buzz versions of their plugins. Some developers have been inspired by the application to create “Buzz clones”. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see more innovative plugin structures like Buzz in the future. If you couldn’t tell by my response, I really like buzz machines! (laughs)

What were the first songs you composed on each alias?
KaW – Dawn Smiley – Delirium Inspector K – Disconnected Banzai – Zodiac Kbit – Robotix KeeL – Goin’ Home

“Virtual Emotion” sounds somewhat unorthodox compared to other Inspector K songs, what emotions/feelings would you say were driving this song? Also, could it possibly be a KaW feat. Inspector K?
The song is very “aggressive” in nature. I feel it fits with the Inspector K mentality because of this. I would say that the internet and visions of “digital lifestyles” triggered the song melodies and main sounds.

Why are your song titles so fitting to the songs? Seriously, the names perfectly match the music!
The songs I compose usually result in this outcome. I start with a scenario (or basic word) and apply that concept to a final vision (via music & sound). I’m very happy that you can identify with the title/sound as well as I can!

What inspires you the most?
Life in general. I can dedicate several situations and emotions to my musical compositions.

If you had to pick a favorite alias that you use (meaning the music style you enjoy the most), which would it be? And don’t give some cop-out answer like “I like them all equally!” =)
I just answered a question very similar to this. (you should find a complete answer on this same page) I have a special connection with the Banzai/Smiley genre that I create here. I feel that it’s rare and hard to find from other sources. I enjoy being unique and supplying this “void” for other people.

Which of your aliases (Smiley, KaW, Banzai, Inspector K, KBit) do you most enjoy composing music for?
That’s a very difficult question. I really enjoy making all types of Electronic Music. I start with a goal I’d like to accomplish, and work from there. I would say I naturally have a connection for the Banzai/Smiley type of music I do. This is because it strikes me as being ‘rare’ and a thing of it’s own. I enjoy being different with my music and making connections with other people who can appreciate Electronic Music. I would say one of my main goals with each alias; is to try to make a connection with different people who enjoy different genres.

When making your music, do you use any specific software?
Today, I’m mostly using Logic Audio (Logic) and Ableton live, with Sony Soundforge for mastering. I bounce back and fourth between several methods, depending on the task. I would also suggest you check out my studio section for further details.

Is it possible to buy caddywhompus anywhere? I looked everywhere but i cant find it
I’ve recently uploaded some tracks in the “Music Section” of the site. Be sure to Look through the entire root directory; and select the project name “KeeL”. You will find some of the old songs featured from the Caddywhompus album here for free. Enjoy!

Hi. I have 2 questions. Are KaW, Smiley, Banzai, etc the same person (you)? By any chance would you release the Scores of your musics? I just love all of them! Thx...
Yes, I’m all of those artists combined into 1 mega-borg like artist! 🙂 I don’t typically create my music on a simple sequencer in a MIDI like fashion. (This obviously makes a score more difficult to create) If you contact me personally, I may be able to assit you further. However, If I’m actively busy with projects, my time may be rather limited! Thank you for your nice comments about my music.

I’ve been hearing alot about ‘Virtual Emotions’ by Inspector K, and ‘Ra’ by Banzai, but I haven’t seen them around myself. Where is it that people are finding/hearing this tunes?
My latest material will always be available via the “jukebox” or music section of this site.

Have you ever considered going back to some of your older (and most likely less popular) songs, such as the songs from Caddywhompus, and remastering them all for a new album? I’m sure many of your hardcore fangirls/boys would love to see something like this.
Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to reincarnate some of my original material. I do have plans to go back and revisit these songs and potentially do a re-releases of caddywhompus. I have no idea on a date; but this has been added to my giant list of things to do. I’ll be sure to announce any information about it here on the site!

Ok, i just gotta settle this one and for all, me and my friends always argue how to pronounce “Xuxa” I say its “Shoosha” but my friends say things like “Shoocksa” or “Zoosha” please tell us the real pronunciation!
The correct way to pronounce the xuxa song title (a Brazilian name base) is “SHOE-SHUH” Hope that helps in your argument!

Is there any chance you could expand your studio page, so as to get into more depth on the equipment/software you use? It would be very helpful, as i aspire to be an electronic musician someday.
In the future, I plan to expand on this and have more pictures and descriptions for people.

What do you use for your drum sounds in some of you inspector K songs (and also your other aliases), and how well do you think an electronic drum set would help someone like me get started in the electronic music world?
That depends on what you wish to accomplish with music. An electronic drum set would be a good choice for somebody with a percussion background or drumming. I would say that a keyboard can also emulate this quite nicely. I usually set out with a particular sound in my head with my percussion lines. It usually involves hours of tweaking/building and searching for the right sound/sample, even before I start composing the actual song. Sometimes, this can take the most time out of the entire process for me!

What was the first peice of musical equipment you bought or received. Do you still use it? how does it help you? What are some songs that i can hear that piece of equipment in action?
A concertmate 1600 (radioshack) was my first keyboard purchase. I still own this keyboard because of some of the lofi sounds it offers. You can hear some of my older tracks (KeeL) which use sounds from this board! My first synthesizer ever? That would be the Yamaha CS2X!

The songs on the Urban Comatose album is the songs longer than 2 minutes or is just that you hear 2 minutes of the song at I ask a lot of questions don’t I?
Most all of the preview streams on cdbaby and itunes last 2 minutes; sometimes even 20-30 seconds. Most of the songs that appear on Urban Comatose are in their final and/or original (unedited for ITG) form.

Have you had other aliases besides the ones you have now? Basically, have you ever had previous aliases?
I’ve released several projects and songs with no connection to my name(s) from other works. Why do I do this? I don’t know really; I think the music stands on it’s own without my need to be connected to it. I also enjoy seeing it succeed without my connection.

Your drum n bass music (inspector K) is alot different than most dnb I’ve heard before, as it uses alot of emphasis on the rythm rather than the drums. What was your inspiration for this unique style?
Most of my inspiration for the music style comes from my anger and/or emotions from my personal life. Naturally, I agree with you that it is not like common DnB music. With this style, I’ve tried to create something ‘new’ that isn’t common from other sources.

If you ever have a great song in mind, but can’t quite think of a name for it, are you able to take name requests from others?
I actually get this question a lot. I generally *do* allow others to name my material for me if the opportunity presents itself. I’ll certainly attempt to do more interaction through the community; when the situation comes up again. Also, feel free to contract me with your song ideas & title suggestions at anytime!

Can you visit norway again soon, and hold a concert? i loved your small but FANTASTIC concert during the euro world championship!
I would love to come out to Norway & Europe again. I’m actually in the process of planning more shows and performances. I’ll be sure to announce any dates/information right on this site. Thanks for coming to the show, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

What OS do you use for creating your music? And do you have your own studio at home or located at an office?
I actually maintain my own home studio. (There is a link on this website that has a basic outline of the studio) You will find both macs and PC’s here; I use both frequently everyday! I’d say I use windows more then Mac OS though… This is mainly because of other various tasks.

Whatever happened to your Caddywhompus album? Is it still possible to find a copy out and about? Is there a reason that there was a course on ITG named after it that, oddly enough, featured none of your songs?
It’s very rare to find now. Most of the songs are outdated and sound completely different then what the typical “KaW” albums offer. If you can find a copy, let me know too! 🙂

Do you ever share any of your samples with people who want to make remixes/reinterpretations of your songs? (i.e. the ‘Disconnected’ vocals in DIsconnected)
Recently, there has been a lot of demand for this. I do plan to add a download link to a few of these samples to help people with their remixes. However, In the past I made effort to not be involved when someone made a remix. I try not to interfere with their process… Since this question, I’ve posted some samples in the download section on the site.

You say there six known KaW aliases. Are there any other aliases that you use commonly that we don’t know about?
It’s very possible! A lot of work I do remains hidden to the public in some circumstances. Additionally, I’m sometimes also responsible for white label material. This material will probably never be known or see the light of day in a release. I’m known to do a lot of anonymous material.

Do you provide your own voice in any of the songs you’ve made?
There are generally some situations where I make a “demo” for a song concept before I submit it. (some of these songs I’ve never released because they are done as private projects for people) Usually, my vocals are just scratch vocals and are later replaced by “SUPER-STAR!” vocals (laugh)… In some songs (take me back), I actually perform the vocals myself and later release it as the final song.

How do I get your music on Itunes?
Very simple… Open up your local Itunes application and search for “KaW”. You’ll easily find all the ablums/songs available for purchase with this method. Thanks for your interest in my music!

1) Which of your songs was the first you ever composed? 2) Which one are you most proud of? 3) Are there any you don’t like, or think you could have done much better with? 4) Which has become most popular among you fans and listeners?
Let’s see here… 1) The first song I ever composed was Summer. Even though this was the first song I made, it did not have the same form/feel that people currently know it as. I made this song when I composed this song on a piano when I was 12 years old. 2) I have deep memories of my past life when I hear Utopia and Anubis. I’m reminded of what I felt during the production of those tunes. 3) There are sometimes parts of things I wish I would have done a different way when I look back. I can certainly always apply that into future material though. 4) I would say Utopia, Anubis, and Take Me Back have quite the following from people who listen to my music.

What do you think of (insert remix) of your song?
It’s inspiring to see my original concept branch off to other artist visions. I’m actually contacted regularly by people who like to remix! To sum up your question, I’m happy that my work can been an inspirational outlet for other artists.

What is your typical routine and setup for a live PA?
Most of the time, I play a show with my good friend and band mate John Mendenhall. Our typical live setup: 1) Rack + DAW from my Studio (for mixing live on stage), 2) CD/DJ players for backup and fun, 3) Lights/Fog rigs, 4) 2 Double tiered ultimate support stands, 5) Keyboards of choice (CS2X, Microkorg, Axiom, XK-6 Xtreme Keys), 6) Vocoding/Mics/ETC, 7) PA is usually provided by the location (changes all the time), we adapt to it and easily patch into it. Lots of watts to pump makes me a happy boy! My live set constantly changes from location to location. I really enjoy adjusting my set to the audience and having a good time on stage. My biggest problem is consolidating all the gear!

What do you think of the July (Euro Mix)?
I like it! The mix has actually been getting a very decent exposure and a decent amount of play in clubs too. I’m just happy people are enjoying it.

Have you ever tried making a track that was just a joke but then it became extremely good?
This was the result of “Tell” by Symphonious. Originally, this song was for my own fun. Later, it turned out to be a pretty decent tune.

Has anyone ever inspired music for you?
I often relate situations and people to my music all the time. Member that time you were driving and got cut off by some jerk? Welcome to the aggression and anger of “Inspector K”!
Basically, my life has a huge impact on my music.

Have you ever modeled your music after someone else’s?
Sure thing! I get inspired by things I hear all the time. I’ll typically listen to something and analyze it to death. Why do I like it? What makes it sound good? How could I do something with a similar effect? I really enjoy listening to new music just as much as I enjoy making it.

What are the tools that you use to create such a hard style of music?
The same tools that I use if I’m making any type of music. 🙂
I tend to start with a simple idea (or sound patch) on one of the my synths. After hours of tweaking, it later expands into a full length song. Pretty gr00vy eh?

What kind of headphones/speakers/mics do you have?
I have a pretty big collection of musical toys that grows daily. I’m typically a fan of gizmos that capture or give a flat sound. This means that they don’t influence audio in ANY way.
I master music on Behringer Truth B2031A’s, and Sony 7501’s.

Do you play live? Can you?
Yes! I love to put on shows and interact with large audiences. I live for these types of performances!
I have performed previous material at several different events. I’ll certainly be doing more shows in the future also.

When do you typically work on music?
Mostly during the late night/early morning. I tend to work better at these hours for some strange reason.

How do you come up with songs?
This is a very tough question. (here it goes) When I make material, I can be:
walking down the street, swimming, playing videogames, listening to music, watching tv, flying in an airplane, late for an appointment, sleeping (then waking up immediately!), talking to someone and zoning out….
Yep, these are all scenarios when musical ideas come to me. Sometimes I’ll rush to my computer or I’ll rush to a keyboard to make sure I don’t forget the idea! Now that I have my treo650 phone, I’ll actually record myself humming a melody. I later playback these ideas and base songs out of this. If you ever see me on the street, ask me to hum my thought or to play my ‘hum’s’ from my treo for you; i’ll most likely share it with you right on the spot! 🙂

Do you master your own material? How does your music sound so loud?
I’m very lucky because media production is my life and how I live! I’m also an audio engineer & video editor when I’m not composing!
What does this mean? It means that I have a knack for taking media files and producing a final broadcast/commercial product out of them. When I’m not busy mixing and EQing my own songs; I’m usually working with other people’s material and helping them achieve a killer sound.

Can I collaborate with you? Will you listen to my song/mix?
I’m very open to ideas & suggestions from people who take work as seriously as I do.
If you think that(you and I)could do something incredible; please me CONTACT ME and give me details.
Please don’t get discouraged if I turn you down or don’t respond quickly. I’m typically very busy and I’m asked these questions daily.

What is your favorite form of music publication?
I believe in the power of the internet. MP3’s and Ogg Vorbis files are the way the go! However, CD’s are still here to stay.

What type of equipment do you use to make your songs?
I have a collection of synths/keyboards that I use. Yes, I do actually play my music by hand. Checkout the studio page to see my latest setup.
My past synths/Hardware:
Yamaha – Cs2X
Korg – Micro Korg
General Music – Equinox 61
Roland – JX3p
Roland – Jp8080
Roland V Synth
Novation Supernova II
Korg R3
I typically use computer software & the power of MIDI to sequence out my songs. I also like to use greatness of Digital Audio. This involves recording live sound as I play. It’s good to mix up the way you make a song when you are trying to have a different style/sound to it.

What software do I use? I typically will use a combo of any of these:
Ableton Live, Sony Acid, Sony Soundforge, Logic Audio Platinum Rebirth Reason (random cakewalk products)
I really enjoy making new material. I consider myself more of a producer instead of a DJ. (DJ’s typically take material that is already produced, and then make something new and interesting out of it.)

What education did you get to become the awesome composer you are today and how do you come up with the ideas for your music?
I went to a standard high school and became involved with several hobbies outside of school. I used my hobbies in school and did several projects that related to media/music production. This helped me gain skill/knowledge to train myself quickly and adapt to the changing industry. Basically, I couldn’t wait to get started…I was already starting.
Later, I moved on to AIS (The Art Institute of Seattle) I had a great understanding and passion for media arts. This lead me to a lot of contacts and friends I’ve built over the years. I love working with media and enjoy meeting people who do the same!
Usually, something in my daily life sparks a song idea. My work depends on my current mood a lot! 🙂

How come I can’t download any of the music from the downloads section?
This sounds like a local configuration problem with your browser/computer. The downloads directory should appear like an FTP with an HTTP interface. (be sure to click “VIEW ENTIRE DIRECTORY” and right click the file you want to save) Some browsers might be confused by tag association…

Will you be putting the original Disconnected in the downloads? I love that song, but I can’t find it anywhere!
I do have plans to add this for download in the future. Until this happens, you can find the original mix on the Synthsations album. (available all over the web)

What is with all the different versions of Frozen Fire? they are very different (and yet the same. hm?) explainify!
Frozen Fire was an original “bonus” composition for the Synthsations album. The original was credited to “KaW” because of it’s style/genre at the time. Later; the song was covered by my “Kbit” style to be compatible for other market uses. Yes, it is very similar!
Bottom line? I feel the artist change was enough to differentiate the two versions.

What is your policy about releasing remixes of your songs on commercial albums? Is it okay? If so, how much would you want in royalties?
I generally do allow license of my materials and songs for commercial releases. Please CONTACT ME to privately discuss details of your project.

Do you think you’ll ever try your hand at genres like IDM, Drill ‘n’ Bass, and Breakcore?
I enjoy all aspects of Electronica/Dance music. It’s a personal goal of mine to experiment in as many areas as possible. I enjoy learning new software and new techniques as well. If I haven’t experienced it yet; I’d like to experience it in the future.
Answering your question directly?; Yes! I will attempt genres like these in the future when I reach that phase of production and I’m ready to do so.

How much do you typically charge for concerts? What equipment do you need provided in order to perform?
All of this depends on the location and how attract it is for a performance venue. I’ve done past shows free, I’ve done past shows for $25.00, and I’ve done past shows for all paid expenses. It typically depends on the client needs and my availability.
When performing, my requirements are:
1) An audience 🙂
2) Power
3) A house PA system that can accept a standard line signal from my gear.
I typically perform with my co-musician friend John Mendenhall. We work together and enjoy the partnership we have in performing together. If you are interested in having us perform locally, be sure to contact a local venue and point them in my direction!

I notice Disconnected Zeo is not by Inspector K. but instead this G5 thing. Are you G5?
This was a special remix of disconnected that was produced for the ITG PC release. G5 is a direct meaning for “5th generation of Disconnected.”

I’ve been looking through your music downloads, and have found a great liking to Necropolis, Venetian Spirit, and all the Oscillator X pieces. Is there anyway to download mp3/ogg formats of these songs onto my computer for general listening?
I’ve been tracking down most all of the old content (ampcast) that was up. I will be adding these to the site as soon as I’m able.
Yes, you will be able to download these songs in MP3 format from the downloads section soon (if not already).
Please send a private email to request a specific “oldie” if you do not see it listed.

Regarding jukebox preview songs? Any info on when those might be expecting an official release or become available in full versions because they all sound awesome so far (I cant wait haha)
I’m currently working on albums that will contain some of these songs you mentioned. Due to my schedule & work nature, I have no way of confirming a date of release yet (as of 8-07-07)
Please continue to watch the site for news and updates about releases. Thank you for interest in the music!

I’m curious… this Onyx fellow, is he/she just an independent artist who has no real website? Or is there a way to purchase/download their music?
Currently, songs by Onyx/Affinity are not available for purchase or preview. (As of 8-07-07) there isn’t an available online presence for these works either. Continue to watch this site for news regarding this…

When you are doing an Oscillator X song with John, how do you collaborate? Do you brainstorm together? Do you take turns expanding on each-other’s drafts? Are you always happy with the final results, or do you sometimes wish you could just have it your own way?
It’s always tricky when you collaborate with another musician. John and I have a huge chemistry together that allows us to work effectively without hating each other. (We met at a local music store long ago)
We typically do (all of the above) from your question. I will start out with a concept and john will refine it. I then will make a final edit on it… Sometimes I will produce a song and John will write lyrics for that production. Sometimes John will make a song and I will come in and make edits and become involved as well. Most of the time we work together on a song from start to finish. A melody line can sometimes take an entire 5 hours set of nitpicking between us collectively! The whole process can even involve anger and aggressions!
Bottom line with it all? John has needs/wants with a project and I also share my own. Together, we work to meet both of our expectations and this typically expands or audience. It all usually mixes into a final positive note!

Have you ever thought about hosting your very own 24/7 online radio station with your music?
Yes! As soon as time allows, I hope to start producing a radio segment (podcast) monthly? The current jukebox is very “on demand” like currently. Additionally, I hope to experiment and improve the site as we move into the future.

Can you put Incognito up? I really want that song, but i can’t find it anywhere!
Incognito is available via Itunes or on the Urban Comatose album located HERE

How can I get the songs ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Twilight’ ??
These songs are both available on their respectful album(s). They are currently not available as free downloads here. Sorry!

Will you make another disconnected? If you do, call it Disconnected Ultra Techno Mix. 🙂
There have already been several “disconnected” mixes over the past years. Will there be another? It’s very possible.
In the meantime, please be aware that several “Stepmania community musicians” release disconnected mixes regularly. You are sure to find a new exciting mix with a few searches! 🙂

I’m a subscriber to iTunes/eMusic/Rhapsody/some other online music store. Will you make your songs available for that service?
KaW music is already available from these music outlets. There are links to itunes via my “discography” page, currently available on this site. Please contact me directly if you need further assistance.

Why your albums aren’t in Finland?
KaW albums are available World Wide! The easiest (and most cost effective) way of purchase is to check out the Apple Itunes music store. You can also purchase CD’s directly from
A new Label will soon launch. SCI Recordings will officially carry the KaW Product brand. You can learn more about it at
Additionally, be sure to contact your local record stores about carrying KaW products. With your help, they may soon be available locally!

I enjoy your banzai style and K-Bit… Have you ever considered starting a genre of a speed techno (250-1000 BPM)? P.S… Ive Remixed many of your songs… is there legal problems with this?
At this time, I’ve not made plans to pursue a “Gabber” style of music. My reasoning? I don’t believe this genre is in currently in high enough demand. Luckily, this may soon change and I will be sure to “adapt” to this change.
I generally OK the use of my music for Non Profit adventures. If you are remixing my material, please supply listeners with information relating to where the original work began.
(this website and my name)
Please contact me for further arrangements or information. Thanks!

When your preview musics will be full version?
Many of the previews are available for purchase now! (only 2 remain)
All new KaW Music (and affiliates) will be offered through our new label, SCI Recordings. You can purchase songs directly here:
Additionally, I’ll be sure to keep people up to date via the site here!

Is your music going to be on AndaMiro’ Pump it Up NX2 (Next Xenesis)? If yes, which one will be there ^^?
I’ve been asked to not reveal these details at this time. Do not fear though, (today is 11-22-07) and that means the full songlist of NX2 will soon be known. Today is the Pump it Up NX2 launch day!

Hi Kyle! I’m a huge fan of your Inspector K music, and wanna ask something. Doesn’t Disconnected have samples from the DDR song PARANOiA? All versions have the ”rolling” sample? And Hyper Mix has the ”feel so good” voice?
Hi there! –
Many of the samples in Disconnected are available from producer sound libraries & synths. (the organ lead is part of a basic Roland soundset) These libraries/sounds are available for artists to use with any production that they decide to release. It is very true that some of the original disconnected samples share a similar sound to the DDR Paranoia series. Good ear!

Do you have Yamaha PSR-175 keyboard?

I think Summer is a really great song, it really makes me happy. I have a suggestion! Why don’t you make other songs for the other seasons, and have have each in a different style, like: KaW for Winter, or Inspector K for Autumn?
This is a very good suggestion and I’ve actually thought about doing something similar. I’d like to have a concept (maybe different from seasons) to apply to song ideas. This could help me visually plan out a major concerto or series in the future when there is time to devote towards a major project like this. Thanks for reassuring me of these ideas! 🙂

which songs do you and John plan to perform at the 2008 European Championship in The Netherlands? Is it possible to expect something new?
I would certainly expect some surprises for the year. Maybe something not heard before? 🙂 At any rate, we’ve begun the process of planning for the 2008 shows and we hope the audience will be entertained. We look forward to meeting all of our European friends at the PG tournament!

Have you ever meet the main music creater from Konami (Naoki Maeda)? If you two were to get together some time, you both should seriously consider making some really interesting music combos/vs’s. Maybe even get konami to add your creations in whatever it is they create next in regards to dancing games.
I’ve never traveled to Japan or met Naoki Maeda of Konami. I’ve crossed paths with a few Konami personnel at various entertainment conventions. (DJ Taka, Yoshihiko Ota)
I’m always open to collaborations with other artists. Keep in mind that It’s essentially harder to produce when you are dealing with two producers who essentially do the same job… This can be difficult! 🙂

I’m sure you get your songs remixed a lot by fans, but are there any songs of yours that you feel don’t get enough remixing-love?
It is very hard to say. Naturally, I’m thankful that people contact me with their projects and inspirations towards my music. It’s a very pleasant feeling to see & hear other people visualize your original concepts.
I can’t say that I have any particular draw towards one song over the other. Naturally, I look at each song as a period in my life that will always mark a memory within me forever. I love what I do and I feel honored to be able to share my emotions via music with people all over the world.

Man, I can’t get enough of Banzai! Any song I hear makes me wanna get up and dance! Makes me all happy inside! Thank you. Are you planning to make any more Banzai tracks anytime soon?
As you can imagine, I’ve been very busy in the 2008 year with game projects and travels for various events. I do enjoy all of this but unfortunately it can cut into composing time.
Ultimately, I hope to be able to release an album for each alias in their own respective format. As the future progresses, I can only hope that I get closer to this long term goal! 🙂

Have you ever planned of making a break beat , speed core, or true hardcore (none of that happy stuff)? And if you do will it be released under another pseudonym?
It’s interesting that you ask this. As of lately, I’ve been more into the “Hard” aspect of Electronica. Many of my recent compositions & ideas have reflected a harder style. (unrelated – I’ve also been into the classic sound of 90’s Eurodance and I’ve recently been experimenting with this)
As with everything, I will do my best to accommodate the current demand. What does this mean? I will be sure to adjust to trends and customize my music. If demand for break beat + harder style increases, you can bet that I will attempt to satisfy the need! 🙂 New alias? (gulp) perhaps!
One of the reasons I do not concentrate my efforts towards trance music is because it’s so easily available.
It’s important to me to remain eclectic with my creations. This includes exploring new territories with all future material. Thank you for your suggestion and I hope to satisfy your request sometime in the future.

Why are there so many remixes of Disconnected?
Originally, I wanted Disconnected to be my first electronic opus… Yeah, weird eh? 🙂 I originally planned for Disconnected to be a single 20-30 minute megasong that communicated a concept. I later decided to split this concept and it’s become a huge internet collaboration for SM and ITG ever since.  Did you know the first version of Disconnected was actually called “Danford?”
Before the time of SM and ITG, Disconnected had 3 remixes that I had distributed previously. These were: Original, Hyper, and Mobius
I’m regularly contacted by several indie artists who want to remix Disconnected. I’m happy that my creation has sparked an interest over the entire community and It’s great to see the concept vision impact others as well. I do my best to announce each new disconnected mix as soon as I’m notified about it.
Disconnected lives on forever! 🙂

If you’re into a challenge and collaborations, why don’t you make =) v.s. Family Farce? he/she/their music can be found at (what else)
This sounds like a very interesting proposal. Thank you for the information and I’ll let you know if something turns up in the future.
As of lately (4-16-2008) my schedule has been very busy. I’m currently working on 4 simultaneous projects at once!

Do you have any plans to eventually feature ZiGZaG’s music on SCI recordings?
No, not at this time. Little is known about ZigZag’s production future at the moment. (4-16-2008)

I have a few quick questions about the song “Necropolis” by Banzai… 1. The version available in your downloads section is only 1 minute and 30 seconds, so I’m wondering… are there any other versions of the song, whether they be longer mixes or other differences, perhaps on an album? 2. If no other versions exist, aside from the one mix available on your site, would it be possible to get you to make/mix a “commission” version? If yes, how much, monetarily speaking, would you require? 3. When was the “Necropolis” song created, and what “fueled the fire”, so to speak, regarding the creative process? I am quite fond of this version that exists currently, but it’s quite short in comparison to other songs available, thus my asking about a possible “commission” version. I hope this can be seen as possible, and I look forward to your reply.
Wow, so many questions! OK, let me do my best to answer these for you:
1) Necropolis was originally a concept for a “KaW” intro song. If you listen closely, you can hear “KaW” being said several times in the song. It was never believe to be an official released song for the Banzai name.
2) Anything is possible! Please use the contact portion of this site and let me know your details. What would you like to see? I’d love to hear your ideas and proposals for such a project. I’m usually very reasonable with requests if my time isn’t too occupied.
3) The original concept was born when I noticed an opening movie for Sony “DTS” digital sound at a local theater. There were cut scenes of a temple and this is what sparked the original inspiration behind this song. I decided to pass on the original concept of making it an opening “KaW” intro for a CD, but it lives on in the Banzai name after the fact!
Thank you for your question. I look forward to hearing your ideas for a possible future version of Necropolis.

What do you think of Soundclick? I mean, you did have a profile there for a little while, so I’m guessing you at least know about it, but what do you think about it from a musician’s standpoint?
I think the concept of community musician sites is a very important for Indie Artists! I once maintained a presence on long ago. (before it was shut down) This is what lead to a following for my music and it aided me in producing several productions that later got used in commercial projects.
In general, community sites are a great way to get your music discovered by fans looking for new music. I believe that you should be on as many community sites as possible. (Just be sure to keep things updated!)
Hope this answers your question.

Someone asked how they could get your music from iTunes, but what I was wondering is how did YOU get your music ONTO iTunes?
I was actually contacted by an apple itunes representative because of my involvement in the Dance Video games. (ITG PC/Mac version had just began to sell) I signed a deal and allow my music for sale on the Itunes network.
Today I continue to maintain my presence on several networks through my Indie label, SCI Recordings.

Why are some of the songs that are freely available on this site also sold at the SCI Store. Higher bitrate, I know, but shouldn’t the songs you’re selling be NOT free? Some people might not care about the bitrate difference if they know certain songs are elsewhere for free. I’m just wondering, that’s all. Also, would you be interested in signing ZiGZaG to the label, since so many people like their music? I think it would be great to be able to buy 320 kbps .mp3 ZiGZaG songs such as VerTex^3.. um, I mean vVv. Sometimes, a line-out just doesn’t cut it, y’know…
In some respects, I’ve decided to give back to the community with my music. I offer some of my tracks as free downloads for people who are low on funds. What’s the catch? A lower bitrate and not as complete versions of the songs…
As an Indie artist, I ask everyone to help support my future if possible. This is why I also sell my compositions in higher bitrates and formally offer albums for people to enjoy.
Most of my new productions will only be commercially available (for purchase) from established music outlets. (for a very reasonable price I might add)

Do you someday come to Finland?
I love to travel to Europe and I hope to visit all of Scandinavia and Finland one day! When this happens, you can bet that I will post about it on this site!

Is there any way I could get .mp3 files of your songs? I would like to upload onto my video game and share them with other people.
Yes you can. You can use the “download” section of this website and locate several of my songs over the past few years. Please feel free to contact me personally if you have specific questions outside of this.

Is zigzag a step artist in In The Groove?
ZiGZaG did contribute some step design to the ITG series through C. Foy and Myself.

Hey, I like some of your music, typically the Smiley stuff, and I was wondering how you come up with the right notes to fit the mood of whatever song you are writing. How do you do it?
Many of the “Smiley” tunes follow a happy pattern because they contain notes of a “Major” scale. Major music has the association of sounding happy and can sometimes even bring a smile to someones face.
Melodic or “Minor” is the complete opposite. This music has the association of sounding dark and sad to someone.
Isn’t it amazing how music can change someone’s mood?

I’m a huge fan of “vVv” by ZiGZaG, and i’ve managed to find a decent quality copy of it online, but is there any possible way to contact the person who actually MADE this song? i’d like to purchase an official .mp3 and/or possibly a lossless format, or better quality than that, even… regarding ZiGZaG, is their future in music production still endangered? if so, what exactly is/are the issue(s)? is ZiGZaG’s music seen as some sort of new experimental drug or what? i’m sure there are plenty of ZiGZaG fans out there who’d definitely like to see more music made available…
We’ve had long talks about incorporating some of ZigZaG’s works to our SCI Recordings store. I guess the answer to your question is that we haven’t received enough demand to act on anything at this time. Sadly, I don’t have any additional information for you about this right now.
The originator of the ZaG project has moved on and hasn’t really expressed any interest in returning efforts towards this icon at this time.

What do you think of your Inspector K song, Tension? What emotions does Tension show?
Interesting question! Typically the thoughts that came to mind were “Racing”. This is very similar to the “pod racing” scene in Starwars. Maybe it’s related to some old Decent moments eh? Some of the action is actually represented in Pump It Up Pro Encore’s BG video segment.
How do you pronounce ‘KaW’?
Just like the sound a crow makes. Caw! The Egyptians is also referred to a “KA” as a soul. It also happens to be my Initials! 🙂

Hi Kyle, I’ve noticed that you have different names (KaW, Smiley, Inspecter K), do those names have different genres, like Smiley (happy hardcore) or something like that
Yes. If You can see detailed descriptions of each alias attribute from this FAQ section! 🙂

Hey Kyle! I heard that ITG2 had a lawsuit, (cry’s really hardly), does stepmania have any ITG2 songs, and how come Utopia is in PUMP JUMP
It’s both true and sad at the same time.
ITG was so successful that Konami thought of the project as a threat to their DDR series. They immediately reacted by filing a lawsuit and stopping all future ITG production through forceful agreements with Roxor Games.
You are correct, Utopia has appeared in several dance projects after the ITG series. Thankfully, This is because of how successful audiences react to this songs involvement in any title! 🙂

Does ITG inflence your music at allT? Do you think about arrows and stepcharts as you’re composing?
Absolutely! I think this is one aspect that sets my compositions apart from other dance music. As I sequence a song, I associated musical passages with EXACT step sequence thoughts.
Obviously, these production techniques translate into great content for any rhythm based game.

In Pump Pro, you have two songs I’ve come to really like, but I’ve not been able to find them anywhere: Dawn (Perpetual Mix) and Virtual Emotion. Are they available for download anywhere?
I’ve had such positive feedback about these songs! You are correct, these titles have not yet been released. Sorry!
Please watch for them to make their way into our SCI Recordings store later in the 2009 year. (1-31-2009)

Do you allow people to remix your songs(and put them on StepMix or on their website or whatever)?
Generally I allow people to remix my songs and use them in projects as long as they include my site and/or association with the music. If you have further questions please contact me directly and I’d be happy to answer.

Have you tried making the ultimate song for each alias and naming it the alias itself or something like it? For example, making the ultimate Smiley song and naming it Smiley or Happiness or something like that.
Interesting idea! I haven’t really given it much thought… Thank you for the input and maybe something will transpire because of it? 🙂

Is Infection a remake of Kagami? Or is it the other way around? Or is it just a coincidence these two songs sound great when they’re mixed?
They do seem to work well together! Sometimes my musical intentions cross paths and melodies of the universe collide in a glorious cycle in “sync”. Did that answer sound pretty cool? 🙂
In all serious, my structure can sometimes be similar with different songs. This can lead to similar “vibes” of songs going together easily!

Doesn’t Incognito sound a bit like a KaW song to you? It does for me.
That’s a good question… I’ve thought about it in the past and it does seem rather close to the KaW genetics. It is also the slowest Inspector K song to date!

YES!!!!!!!! 🙂 There are plans to make some more Smiley music in the 2010 year. (5-21-2009)

What does the song “Virtual Emotion” represent? How does the background video for the song in Pump It Up tie in with the song?
The funny part about this song is that the meaning is very different from the lyrics. Without spoiling it too much, see if you can hear what the main lyric riff says. My clue is “Coffee” 🙂
The video is meant to imagery of “digital” information having an effect on our minds/emotions. This concept is the meaning behind “Virtual Emotion”.

How did you make your music?
Very carefully! The process is typically different for me on each song. Sometimes I start with a melody, a riff, a rhythm, or an inspiration from another concept. Each peace of music I construct I remember the exact time/place/feeling I had when I made it. It’s really cool that music can zoom us back to those memories instantly!

Why do you have so much aliases? 😛 can’t you just use one name and then use all styles? oh and btw: What music program do you use?
My alias naming started our as a bonus to my listeners & followers. If you read this fact, you can find my previous answer to this question.

Awhile ago (probably a long time) someone asked you about the original vertex.. you said you would look for it and upload it. Did you ever find it?
This song concept was originally produced on an older computer which is now ancient DAW that is no longer living. I haven’t had a chance to dig deeper because of the workload I’ve had recently… I have not made progress finding my original demo concepts because it hasn’t been a top priority. Please contact me privately via “contact” link to remind me how much of a priority it is!

So, with the recent success of Oscillator X, have you basically put all your other aliases on hold indefinitely?
As you are aware, Oscillator X has had much success lately. Naturally, part of this success has been the work that my bandmate John and I have put into the band. We’ve also found that this project is very “marketable” for us in many different avenues. Because of this potential, I’ve been focusing my efforts on OSX material. The success is mainly due to our “Unique Elements” within the OSX band.

Aside from this, do know that releases are planned for Smiley and Banzai later in this 2010 year. Part of this is due to a project I’ve recent taken on. (May 2009) Stay Tuned!
Hey Kyle, I’ve seen that you occasionally travel around and play live shows throughout the country. I’m wondering if you have any plans to come to the East Coast / central Richmond area anytime this year.
Oscillator X has been doing a tour due to our Radio success in several US markets. We’ve played shows in Portland/Seattle and have plans to get to these areas:
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Kansas City
New Jersey
Our ability to act on these locations is very closely related to our support and funding currently… Where do you want to see us? To more feedback we get at the more likely we are to come to your area! You can always let me know by contacting me directly and giving us ideas for a show/event!
AS OF 5-21-2009 to 2010
Oscillator X has shows currently scheduled in France, Norway, and Amsterdam for the Summer of 2009. Please visit SCI Recording for more information!