I see on your biography you were inspired by music like that of Eiffel 65. Have you heard their albums “Contact” and “Eiffel 65”? The only one that reached the U.S. was their debut album, “Europop,” but have you heard the newer stuff? It’s actually pretty good (“Contact” in particular).
Yes! I’ve been a huge follower of Italian disco & electronic music for quite awhile. (it’s not something I’ve tried making in depth myself) Eiffel65 continues to push the limits with every new song. and I really like their style. This groups is on my frequent listen “hits” list. (laughs)

Are you related to Chris Ward IV, aka MC Chris, in any way?
Very interesting question. No, I’m not related to MC Chris in anyway. (as far as I’m aware?) Maybe I should do some family tree research… 🙂

Why are you never angry or upset? it seems every answer to your questions, even things like the loss of the ITG series, you will answer with an extremely upbeat response. Are really just a robot without negative emotions programmed? o_O’ O_o’!
I rarely get upset or angry with people. It’s not worth living life under that stress and hate everyday. I love what I do and I love interaction with people through projects that I contribute towards.

Do you know of any other good happy hardcore songs? I’ve searched for some but have found null.
There are a lot of good happy hardcore link on the web. I would suggest that you head on over to If you haven’t already, I would suggest checking out some tunes by Scott Brown. Or the famous “Happy 2B Hardcore” series from Moonshine records. This should help lead you in finding other great happy hardcore music. Be loud and proud, be HARDCORE! 🙂

Is it really true that you are ZiGZaG?
ZiGZaG’s identity has been kept secret by his request. ZiGZaG is an artist local to the pacific northwest that uses very unorthodox techniques to create music.

What do you think of PG’s (Positive gaming) work for the machinedance community?
I can really appreciate what Positive Gaming has brought to the Machine Dance community. Obviously (with any startup organization), you can have a rough start and things to overcome; but, PG’s intentions are good. Who else works hard to bring the community together by promoting activity? Honestly, I don’t think I know a nicer group of guys. A lot of times these guys are not appreciated as much as they should be! They work hard to benefit the community and they are great. Thank you for everything you’ve done PG!

Why do you seem to give the most indirect answers to questions, even when they person asking tries to make it more specific? Is it just to toy with us? Ahhh the mind games!!!
I try my best to answer the question. (I feel like most of answers are pretty direct?) Keep in mind that if you are specif, you will most likely will get a specific answer.

Are you involved with FFR at all? they’ve got Delirium and Tension on there 🙂 and is stepmania better than FFR, or vice versa?
I’m not directly affiliated with either of these projects. However, I have contributed music/sound work for the stepmania project when it originally launched years ago. FFR (Flash Flash Revolution) has used some of my material (with my permission) for some of their content files.

What’s the best way to dispatch a large amount of zombies in a short amount of time?
I don’t know if I have the answer to this question off hand… Maybe ask Cingular if they’ve expanded their networks to hell yet? I assume this because being part of their service could be considered a “living hell”. Maybe try checking out “The Zombie Survival Guide” Hope that helps!

Do some of the questions make you laugh or irritated?
Very rarely. I just answer them when I see them!

Why do people send you questions that have nothing to do with you?
Asking me a question about something non-related is sometimes a good way to get my opinion on something. I encourage people to ask anything on their mind, No question is a stupid question!

What are the “unorthodox” methods ZiGZaG uses to create his/her music? PS imacs rule!
Imacs certainly do rule! However, I don’t and never have owned one myself. (The picture on my Flickr page was taken at a remote studio) I’m pretty sure every artist has his/own ways of doing something. In this case, “Unorthodox” is meaning techniques that could be considered abnormal by others!

Are you ever going to come back to DJ at Otakon?
I usually travel to perform at any venue that I receive requests from. If I get a future request from Otakon staff, I’ll be sure to look into the possibility of performing at future shows! Be sure to have your favorite venues contact me for future booking details!

I read somewhere in the forums that you made the original VerTex. If this is true, then is it possible for you to upload it in the music section?
I did originally create the first “vertex” concept. It was later remastered and rearranged into a final state for the ITG series. I will try to track down the original and post it in the music section of the site.

Bloodrush is by TeKno dred, is that also you? if not, then why is there a really strong similarity betweeb the 1st 6 seconds of bloodrush and 1st 6 seconds of Robotix and the next 20 seconds are still slightly similar.
I’m not “TeKno DreD” His music can be found easily if you do further searches on the internet. I’ve heard from some people that these songs appear very similar in nature. However, I’ve never really made these comparisons myself… I can assure you that it’s pure coincidence and that these songs are nothing similar in nature. It is very interesting however!

Now with Pump Pro out, what is your next step?
I’ve been focusing a lot of effort towards the grassroots of the music industry. I’m currently exploring the options of purchasing a record label. I’m always thinking of ways to keep myself busy! 🙂

What do you see as your biggest accomplishment in life? like ITG, Piu pro, music albums etc
This is a very difficult question… I strongly believe in making an impact on this world with the small time that we have for our life. I would say that I’m most proud of being able to be involved in a culture changing project(s). Over the years, I’ve been involved in a few projects that have created quite a stir among community members. Does this bother me? Not really! I’m happy to be involved in every project I take on.
As a musician I follow a simple philosophy. I enjoy making art, songs, and impressions, that have an impact on the life of other people.

What would you suggest I do to get in a career similar to yours?
It’s difficult for me to answer a question like this because there are many projects I participate in daily.
Generally, communication skills are a MUST in the media industry. Be sure to be curtius and responsible when communicating with people. Here is an important quote that you should live by,
“It takes a lifetime to build relationships, and it takes 5 seconds to break relationships”
How do I get involved with the projects I work on? I talk to people daily! I sell my abilities to them. If you have hobbies, be sure to relate these to all potential jobs. Be willing to educate yourself and adapt to a changing market. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Additionally, Attitude is 9/10ths of everything you do! Enjoy what you are doing, and reflect this in your personality. If you don’t enjoy something, move on and find what you do enjoy to do.
Hope some of this advice will help you with your career.

I was once told that ZiGZaG lives in Canada, but have also read that they are local to the Pacific Northwest. Where does ZiGZaG currently reside? You have said that you are not ZiGZaG, and that whoever it is has had their identity kept secret by request, but people are still saying that you are in fact ZiGZaG, and they say that “everyone knows this”. VerTex^3 / VVV has been an arguement lately. It’s obviously akin to other VerTex songs, but it’s title seems to officially be VVV, due to its appearance in PIU PRO, but the question is why name it differently when it sounds like the VerTex songs, or was the VerTex concept something more related to ITG? I ask these questions in the General section because they relate to several subjects. Sorry for the barrage, but these questions are important to me.

Wow, I’m not sure where to start! –
ZiGZaG’s identity remains to be unknown. People can continue to believe what they believe in… there is no harm in any of this.
Is the artist from Canada? No, I’m sorry to say that this is not the case.
VVV and the vertex series do share a common sound. Are they related? I guess this is a matter of perspective for the potential listeners. Names are given for a purpose:
A name (etymology: from OE nama; akin to OHG namo, Latin nomen, nominis, and Greek όνομα, ultimately from PIE: *nomn- [1]) is a label for a human, thing, place, product (as in a brand name) and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish one from another. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context.
I hope this information can be vaguely useful for you! 🙂

What is best way to make pancakes?
With Bisquick of course!

ITG, PIU, PIU Pro, what next?
I’m currently involved in the production of a few things 2008. As long as I’m able, I’ll be committed to bringing players something new to play! 🙂 Be sure to check back on this site for any news regarding the future!
Recent rumor has it of an underground project involving ur dear friend Chris Foy. The project is simply called “R30”. The only proof of this project’s existence was a deleted post on a website i will keep anonymous. Any word on this project? Will it be 4 panel? 5 panel? maybe even the first 8 or 9 panel game?
I can assure you that neither Chris Foy or I are involved with any of these “underground” projects. These seem to pop up daily eh? 🙂
Chris and I have strict work agendas that we follow, which doesn’t allow us to take on an additional workload(s). Fortunately, we both still work as a team on several projects.
I was watching the news today on something about Ipods. While watching they showed the screen of someone’s Ipod and the lost of songs on the screen were Delirium and Euphoriax2. Do you think that your work is what was on that Ipod? or that it was just some coincidence?
This particular instance is probably a coincidence! 🙂
I often get contacted by people who would like to use my work for commercial reasons. (this only requires coordination and I generally allow it) Keep in mind my productions are formally published and distributed, so it’s possible you can see it pop up in completely random situations like this.
Hope this helps with understand!

I like the banner at the top of your site! Did someone make it for you, or did you find it somewhere, or did you make it yourself, and do you know where I could find other cool graphics like that?
The banner on the top of my site has gone through several changes in the past few years. While I don’t consider myself a graphic artists, I can appreciate having fun with a few graphic programs!
I actually put together the banner on the top of the site with a few freeware graphic programs (including paint) I’d suggest checking out some websites with free graphics & picture inspiration for site banners. I used a couple of these with some effects to come up with the final image displayed on the top of the page.

who is onyx? because his songs are really good! (don’t worry, i like yours too!) but does he have a site or something?
You will find all updates for Onyx music via SCI Recordings. You can visit the site here: SCI Recordings

“What are the “unorthodox” methods ZiGZaG uses to create his/her music? I’m pretty sure every artist has his own ways of doing something. In this case, “Unorthodox” is meaning techniques that could be considered abnormal by others!” Okay, but WHAT KINDS of “unorthodox/abnormal techniques” does ZiGZaG use to make their music?
In this case, “Unorthodox” is meaning “thinking out of the box”. Many of the ZiGZaG compositions aren’t standard sequenced media. (A-B formations) As with any Producer, Zag’s techniques are very particular to his/her original style.
Sadly, little is known about future productions from this artist. Will we see more? Hopefully so…

I wanna see you play live!!! When is ur next live performance? Hopefully Denver, Colorado. Thats where I live!
Thank you for the message. I’d love for you to be able to see a live performance in Colorado! 🙂
How does someone make this possible? The simplest way is to contact local venues or events in Colorado and tell them about KaW Music
If you’d like to talk to me further, please use the contact page and send me a personal email. I’d be happy to give you further insight on the possibilities. I hope this helps answer your question and that you will be able to see a live performance one day!

I have read in your FAQ that you did not want an iPod due to the requirement of iTunes to transfer songs back and forth to the iPod. Have you ever tried a program/firmware for the ipod called rockbox? it can be found here and can be applied to 5.5G ipods or lower
Very nice! I was actually told of this long ago, but never followed it up until you just dropped the link. This is very cool! I really like the support it seems to have so far. OK, the funny part about all of this is that I eventually gave in and purchased an IPOD. I enjoy it with my car because it allows me to leave all my CD’s behind. Itunes can still get on my nerves sometimes, but I’ve learned to deal!

Where can I find Goin’ Home? I love that song and I can’t find it on any website. Do you know where to get it?
You can find this song available via SCI Recordings Music store. It is quite rare because it’s the first electronic song I ever made! 🙂

How often do you get contacted to get your music put into a game or show or anything, and why is it that the style of Zig Zag seems to be the same as ZZ (maker of most of the Max songs), are they the same person?
They are not the same person. It’s a very funny coincidence though isn’t it? As you may have read on this site already, the identity of ZigZaG has remained closed over the past few years… This is mainly because the artist doesn’t feel like associating a name to these works. Contrary to popular belief, this is the request of the real artist behind ZiGZaG.
The other music you speak of is an alias of an artist from Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution series.

What would be the best way to track down and purchase a used PIU cabinet, any style. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and ever since PRO came out I’ve been obsessed over it (laughs). Any hints/tips?
The absolute best way is to cruise sites like “Ebay” daily. You are very likely to find an owner of a cabinet trying to sell it for whatever reason. This is your best opportunity to get the best bang for your investment. Just like purchasing any item; be sure to follow-up and make sure the cabinet is in good working condition.
The 2nd easiest way is to call a local amusement distributor and ask them to locate a Pump machine for you. When you do this, expect to pay anywhere up to $10,000 usd after shipping and other costs.

I’ve asked many questions about the artist that may now only be loosely associated with the name ZiGZaG, and i seem to be getting the distinct impression that ZiGZaG wants nothing to do with music anymore, or at least this hard energetic variety thereof. it seems to me that they are making a specific effort (if not desperately trying) to be forgotten for the hard sound they are quite memorable for. why are they staying so far away from the ZiGZaG persona when there are people who enjoy that style of music (myself included)… also, while searching on the internet one day, i came across several simfiles on the FFR and bemanistyle websites for a song by the name of “Chaos Energy”, and most of the simfiles have the music credited to ZiGZaG, but a video for one simfile had the artist name “Zag X”. i’m willing to assume the song is a hoax, but for curiosity’s sake, i need to ask: has the artist who’s credited to VerTex, VerTex^2, Energizer, Pandemonium, and vVv created any other new compositions or remixed any other material, and if so, is there any chance of said material surfacing?
As of the 2007 year, the original “ZigZaG” project has been dormant and out of production (as far as I’m aware) The information you have provided is not conclusive and I’m unable to confirm any of the details.

What can you do if you’d like to see more of the ZiGZaG sound?
Make forum posts, make petitions, do anything you can to increase awareness to others. By voicing your opinion, potential future could settle. “Anything is possible if you desire it enough”

Are you the governor of Kaw City in Oklahoma?
No, and there wasn’t a recent movie made about me either! 🙂

I recently gotten albeton live, and i think that the tutorial didn’t help me fully understand the “making music” aspect of it, can you help me out?
Abelton Live is an amazing program that is changes the way that producers make music everyday. I encourage you to checkout the ableton community sites and find a very in depth article about using Ableton Live. If you need more advice (outside of this) please contact me directly and I will try to help point you in the right direction. Goodluck!